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The PATH Forward 2022: Season 2

December 30, 2021 Arlene Bolden - Korleh Season 1 Episode 22
The Path
The PATH Forward 2022: Season 2
Show Notes

In this end of the year episode, I dropped in just to give you a quick look into what you can expect from The PATH Podcast in 2022.  In Season 2, my guest and I will continue to share our “Survival Guides” to overcoming obstacles and the professionally trained guests continuing to give the strategy on what we need to do to move forward and heal.

Thank you to those who come back bi-weekly to listen.  I would love to connect and hear your thoughts and opinions after each show.  Hearing from you and what you need is also service to others as we all look to grow and get better so we can help someone else while helping ourselves. Send me an email and let’s chat.

The New Year begins in a few days and who is not excited about experiencing something NEW? But, we cannot just bypass the last few days left in 2021 looking forward to 2022.  Don’t over look these last couple of days as if something good cannot happen before 2022. 

Whatever I expect in 2022, I can have in 2021!

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