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The Path’s Survival Guide: Embracing The Detours (REWIND)

November 30, 2023 Arlene Bolden - Korleh Season 3 Episode 71
The Path
The Path’s Survival Guide: Embracing The Detours (REWIND)
Show Notes

This week I’m doing a (Rewind) solo episode sharing The Path’s Survival Guide to Embracing The Detours of Life.  

One of the most frustrating things in the world to me besides bad traffic is having to detour because of it. No one likes to change direction or take a longer route, but we are often forced to do so at some point especially if you’re driving in Georgia. Life is no different. Detours are most times not expectant and can be overwhelming.

What do you do when life requires you to detour from your normal comfortable life?  Do you freeze in time? Do you sit in a state of shock or do you fight to move out of your comfort zone, reroute and change directions? There’s a quote that reads,

“Often what may appear as a detour in life is actually the most direct and empowering path to your destination”  - James Arthur Ray

In this Solo episode I share:

  • 4 Survival Guide Tips to Embracing The Detours of Life

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