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Ep30: Shanice McLeish | Author of "Grief On The Playground" & Founder of “Grieving It”

April 21, 2022 Arlene Bolden - Korleh Season 2 Episode 30
The Path
Ep30: Shanice McLeish | Author of "Grief On The Playground" & Founder of “Grieving It”
Show Notes

“When we don’t tell kids what is happening around them, they are going to imagine what is going on” - Andrea Warnick

In today’s episode, Shanice McLeish Author of Grief On The Playground  and Founder of Grieving It   discussed her passion to “Normalize Grief” one conversation at a time.  Shanice and her families life was forever changed when she was only 8 years old when they received the devastating news of her fathers death. 

Death is the one thing we all have in common and the one thing most of us wish NEVER to discuss. More and more we are realizing thankfully to Shanice that it is one of the MOST important conversations we need to have not only as adults, but with our children.  Shanice said her business “Serves as a safe place for people to share their mourning and lean into their grief journey”. Sit with Shanice and I for a while as she recounts the days and years after that devastating day that pushed her into a purpose bigger than she could imagine.

Shanice’s book Grief on the Playground  is necessary for all children who have lost someone they loved. It is a story which takes you on a ride through the ‘grief rollercoaster’.

In this episode, Shanice and I discussed:

  • How her life changed after losing her father, at the age of 8.
  • How she learned to cope. 
  • What led her to writing a book and starting Grieving It that offers free resources and activities to help families dive into, communicate with and understand their grief.
  • FREE!!  Book Give Away to the Listener who responds to this episode first.  Listen to find out how and who is the WINNER!!

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